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2-4 Aetna can now accept electronic information that tells us if a previously submitted claim needs to be corrected or voided. Office Wise. 5-6 Aetna s Education Site for Health Care Professionals. 7 Striving for Quality Excellence. 8-9 In the past you had to call us or send in a paper copy of the claim with VOID or CORRECTED written on it.
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's Healthcare Improvement Programs' mission is to ensure the health and well-being of its employees and patients around the globe through collaborative learning, knowledge transfer and research. Aetna employs an interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary team comprised of healthcare professionals, research scientists and technical experts in a large-scale collaborative learning environment. This team of partners collaborates daily to ensure the best possible care for the nation's patients and their families by creating a more complete understanding of what actually goes in, how much is spent on, and to whom. The results of this multi-faceted program will enable Aetna to continuously improve patient outcomes. In addition, other partners who participate in Aetna's Health Improvement Programs (HIP) include the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Aetna Inc. and the state of Pennsylvania. HIP provides a range of services and supports that will help ensure patients will be treated as well as their care providers. The HIP team: (1) develops and implements strategies and plans to provide high quality care to its patients; (2) collaborates with the outside community and other health systems to determine best practices; and (3) creates a strong relationship with our customers and patients. Aetna's Health Improvement Programs also include the following. Aetna's healthcare employees participate in numerous health related classes, seminars, and lectures. These classes provide information that increases awareness and knowledge of patients, their care teams, and their communities. In addition, health related classes are held annually to strengthen the competency of health care professionals. Aetna's health professionals also participate in health related research. For example, the company participates in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (MSC), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and National Institutes of Health (NIH), research programs. Research is conducted at Aetna's Health Improvement Programs and supported by the government. The company also supports the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Our research and clinical programs continue to produce evidence-based information to help enhance health care services and the quality of care for our members and patients across the country. Aetna also collaborates with other insurers to help them offer superior product choices, and to improve the health care system. Aetna is committed to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) -- the federal privacy law that applies to both health insurance companies and patients. An insurance company's practices for protecting its customers are subject to the HIPAA rules.
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As I said before, this is a question that comes up all the time in coding, billing and the practice management courses that I work with, so I just thought I’d go over it one more time for students that had never heard me talk about it before. Q: “Please explain filing limits with insurance claim processing” for the initial claim as well as the appeal process. A: Basically, we’ll be covering information about how all insurance companies do enforce filing limits for both initial claim submission, and for appealing claims. So, you really need to know your payer filing limits and create a cheat sheet for your demographic area. When filing or appealing a claim, you want to be absolutely sure that you get those claims in early because there were always technical problems or if you’reusing snail mail, things get lost in the mail. It happens more often than not, so if a doctor gives you a charge today and expects you to transmit it tonight and thinks it’s going to be OK because the cutoff is tomorrow, I can bet you that it didn't’t go through for some reason. There’s always a delay and the insurance companies do look for specific proof of when they received it in order for you to get paid. You want to pay also attention to notifications of changes regarding time constraints. For years, we were dealing with a year and a half with Medicare, and then they changed to one year submission, so pay attention to any of your payer’s notifications because they will send them to you via email if you sign up on their website. Lastly, when you do your aging, the follow-up — I can’t say it enough, just pay attention to your follow-up because you can see trends there, as far as claims not being paid, and you can see “Gee, if this bunch didn't’t get paid, there might be a problem, *?? And so forth. Filinlimitmi—
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